The King's Outstretched Arm


His majesty, the great and powerful King Jire the Brave, has commanded that as many extra-talented men and women be collected and set forth into the Bedlam Valley, also known as the Chaos Scar. Their orders are to exterminate any threatening creatures or entities that they find in the valley. These men are addressed as Fingers of the King’s Left Hand or just Fingermen.

They are to be paid in accordance to each creature that they eliminate. This is to be proven by the presentation of a head or other necessary appendage, the removal of which can only indicate death. Members of the King’s Outstretched Arm are to be paid 100 gold pieces for each specimen they eliminate.

Members are to be housed at Restwell keep in the Annex away from the militiamen quartered there. They will be fed and clothed here at no expense to themselves. Fingermen of the King’s Outstretched Arm may also venture to and resident in Bedlam though

Important Over Seers, or The Wrist

Colonel Ignatus “Iggie” Tark

A brash campaigner who found a place for himself in the Haverhold military. For the last five years he has moved only laterally through the ranks due to frequent outbursts directed at his superiors. He doesn’t say much but when he does it comes out as violent, offensive and ill-timed. There have been a number of scandals that anyone with their ear to the ground in the Fingermen camp outside of Haverhold is privy to. Tark has been accused of sleeping with men under his command, though the rumors have never been substantiated, mostly because the accusers withdraw their claims just before reaching the courthouse. Tark has also been found to know too much when meeting with his CO to discuss tactics for battle. The implication is that somehow he has become privy to classified information, though this has never been successfully investigated and charges have never been made against him

Communications Officer Jarkin Samsenian

“The man behind the glass,” as he likes to think of himself has a lot to say and never enough time to say all he wants to say. He is stationed at the Guard Post in Bedlam and while he’ll gladly tip anyone he thinks he’ll like with some information about the scar or Bedlam itself, he is required by law to supply Fingermen with information concerning creature sightings within the scar. Its important to realize, that Jarkin has lived in Bedlam all his life, and holds his position not because of any military experience but because he was the only Bedlamite who volunteered for this kind of work.

The King's Outstretched Arm

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