Master Issumell, High Priest of Avandra


The High Priest as born in Bedlam and as a child in the year of blue lightning, when the spellplague hit and Mystra as slain. He travelled extensively in throughout the valley in the years before it was a condemned monster infested wasteland, setting shrines of Avandra for wayfarers wherever he could.

As an adult he continued to make forays beyond the king’s wall, escorting desperate travellers through its deadly passages. On the return of one such trip he felt a stabbing pain in his stomach and passed out. He woke up in the Temple of All having been resurrected by His Honorable Mayor Lord Avellin, and been condemned to eternal service to his god on the material plane.

Avellin can best be described as salty over his current predicament. He wishes to die and bask in the glory of Avandra though he does not know if his undeath will condemn him to the care of Orcus should he die. He relishes the tales of adventurers and is more than a little envious of those clerics who are still free to venture beyond the walls of Bedlam.


Master Issumell, High Priest of Avandra

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