Hargash Bitterblade


Hargash Bitterblade was an apostate of Erathis and Moradin for years, working as an oathbound servitor of the Temple of All. Born into the temple by parents that wanted nothing to do with the dangers out the underdark passages made worse by the seeping energy of the chaos scar. Hargash worked closely with Torak Banehammer and the Spinehammer Mining company to uncover the lost temple to Moradin.

In the last several months Hargash has seemed off, he’s been carrying around a small pebble of obsidian and babbling about something called the Chitteruk. One day while exploring the caves Hargash declared he would not be returning to Bedlam, and that he had dedicated his soul to a new earthbound god, the chitteruk. Hargash knocked Torak out and when Torak awoke, there were no signs of the duergar. Torak spent weeks trying to find him and finally did so by stumbling upon the dwarven mineshafts that lead to a Vault and the temple of Moradin.

The duergar attacked him ferociously in those caverns with insectoid and spiderlike allies. Hargash left Torak to die in that cavern and he would have if not for a group of lost adventurers.


Hargash Bitterblade

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