The fraying skin of the world

The Shrine in the Glass Spire Forest

After a night of debauchery and unwinding our heroes made their way into the tavern at the Good Lich Inn. Father Hubert had already departed to research exorcism and re-dedication rituals with Master Issumell. The rest of the party attempted to decipher Hargash Bitterblade’s unfinished letter. Gradiz discovered some markings in the word sanctum which revealed the word to be a rare homonymic cognate between common and spellspeak.

The group decided to inform His Honorable Mayor Avellin of the developments learn of in the letter and Alis Hollysharp, Dharwyn and Gradiz made their way to the temple of all to attempt to send word to Avellin through one of his many undead. Their request granted, Alis went to seek audience with the Mayor while Gradiz and Dharwyn, took Volume XIV:Gruumsh, of the Encyclopedia to Earthly Representation of Divine Communication to the Blister, and then to the Pipeworks searching out Tik and Tac. The orcs were happily branding gnolls with the oathrune but stopped to have a few words with the two, some kind and some harsh, with palpable tension growing between Dharwyn and Tik. Gradiz learned a little about an Elven tribe that followed Gruumsh, Ears Axe Sharp, which sounds much more intimidating in Giant.

Meanwhile Bienzar and Dorfin left the city walls to train and perfect their deceptive spell casting when they encountered Pung, a Shou arcanist in Bedlam studying self generating dark magics. Pung seemed dazed and perhaps concussed, speaking as if he was unaccustomed to the taste of words on his tongue. They followed him into Bedlam and saw him through to his loft in Kliyuk’s Square.

Alis meanwhile went to the Manor, and was received into the mayor’s gardens by four disembodied hands that served as a sort of gate guard. Avellin’s parlor is decorated in rare and beautiful instruments. The soft sounds of music seem to resonate from the walls themselves. Avellin seemed curious as to the letter that the one Alis presented him responded to. He thanked the group at large for discovering the hole in the wall, and urged them to keep this information hushed. He asserted that his servants would watch over Marwellus. And seemed as though he wouldn’t mind them continuing to keep their ears to the ground in terms of the larger issues concerning the Whispering Chains.

The group met up in the central square and decided to follow Pung’s trail to see if they might discover the group with which he travelled or the ants that might have attacked him. They wandered into the Glasshard Forest and found their way to the Temple Lupine protected by large wolves that seemed to be made of glass, not living flesh. After defeating the creatures they made their way into the temple which despite the warning to leave the temple shut had already been open. They hound a base, and around it shatted glass. A viewing font stood in the center of the temple. It had been altered to function without the narrative which accompanied the images it presented.

it told the story of Xennul the guardian of the temple beginning on the day the sky opened and released the thing that fell to earth. It was the groups first real vision of the lightning tearing open the sky and releasing an enormous boulder which burned across the sky. Xennul and the three other guardian’s(Scorpion, Heron and Trout) barely survived when the forest turned to glass. The four explored the scar, each finding a small rock like shard from the boulder. The rock corrupted Xennul and it took all his effort to control himself and not let the evil of the shard overtake him, though he could not bear to get rid of the shard. He instead closed himself in his temple, created the font and allowed himself to succumb to the magic that turned the forest to glass carrying in his palm, he hoped forever, the rock that had been his undoing.

The shard was nowhere to be found, the glass figure that had been Xennul was shattered and Pung had been here last. The group decided to immediately return to Bedlam in hopes of finding Pung before more harm might be done.


Did this get cut off, or is that last comma supposed to be a period and you meant to leave out the glass shrine? :-)

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